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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions that many people have about us

Q: Does TMWABT guarantee that I will lose weight or gain muscle?
A: No.  While TMWABT strives to help individuals meet their desired goals, we can only provide information and suggestions to help the individual meet their goals.  However, we cannot ensure that the provided information will be adhered to by the user.

Q: Should I obtain a release from my doctor prior to participating in any information or service from this website?
A: Absolutely Yes!  Embarking on the journey to lose weight or gain muscle can be a very stressful event and in some cases, individuals should have a complete check up to ensure they are healthy enough to engage in an exercise regimen or diet plan.  in some cases, a preexisting illness could be exacerbated as a result of changes in diet or physical activity which may need continual monitoring by a physician.

Q: Is this diet plan safe?
Yes.  The plan that is utilized for our program has been reviewed by a doctor and deemed safe for individuals to follow.  Additionally, since the diet relies on natural food sources and not heavy supplementation, the strategies are safe for most healthy people.