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About Taylor Made Weightloss and Body Transformations

Taylor Made Weight Loss and Body Transformation is owned and operated by Vortexual Dreams Production.  The owner has been involved in fitness and nutrition for over 12 years and has created this website as a means to offer practical information to the general public as well as resources to help individuals reach their weight loss goals through natural and healthy means.

Additionally, the owner has worked as a personal trainer in the past at Michael Ashley's Universal Fitness Center in Pompano Beach, Florida for several years prior to the fitness center closing.  During that time, the owner sponsored several National Gym Association (NGA) events as well has worked in the addictions field as a counselor.

Additionally, the owner has obtained a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy that provides an understanding into the emotional aspects that may be a contributing factor to weight gain.

With the staff's vast knowledge, they are able to provide a quality services for reaching the goals of weight loss, body building or obtaining a better overall health status.  Therefore, this website was created as a resource for individuals who are serious about taking control of their life and committed to a functional exercise program and sensible diet approach to a healthy lifestyle.  However, if individuals are looking for the fast approach for overnight weight loss this site is not for you, just as this website is not for individuals who are looking to gain muscle by using muscle enhancing steroids.